Brand Ambassador Program


To create the most engaging educational content delivery platform.

Quiklee is building the world’s first massive multiplayer online cognitive game. Our multiplayer game revolves around education – combining core mental skills and knowledge in a fun and challenging way.

We want to provide a platform for brain athletes to turn into superstars, like our physical athletes, inspiring the youth (and everyone) to sharpen their minds and learn more.

We want to transform education and how we approach the motivation to learn, through gaming and eSports.

why become a BRAIN RACERS brand ambassador

  • You align with our passion and vision
  • Network with people from within the industry
  • Grow yourself and promote your group/business
  • Be part of the evolution of education
  • Contribute to the worlds first MMOCG
  • Build a platform for brain athletes
  • Gain access to our exclusive content library
  • Be eligible for in-app monetary rewards