New Beginnings

The concept of QuikLee spawned a couple of years ago, with a very simple goal — sharpen the mind while learning cool knowledge.


A few years ago, in one of the many conversations with my parents about education, healthy living, personal growth… it became clear that there is immense irrefutable value in keeping the mind active and continuously learning.

Mental acuity and sharpness will help in some way shape or form in life, no matter who you are. From attaining professional success, to rocking that knowledge around your friends, to having a healthier mind through old age (something none of us can avoid).

An obvious fact perhaps, now reinforced with a new purpose!


After trying a variety of trivia and brain training apps out there, it was a quik 😉 realization that a blend of the 2 is the way to go.

~ Knowledge is amazing ~

Most of us in society love learning cool knowledge, so you got to have trivia.

And as we become completely reliant on technologies, requiring less and less brain stimulation (calculators for math or google definitions for vocabulary to name a couple) → brain games will keep our amazing internal supercomputers running superbly.

The last piece of the puzzle. To bring it all together in a fun way.

Let us know if we are on the right path.

Enjoy, GK