Your Key to a Sharp Mind

It is safe to say that if you want to stay sharp, you need to keep your brain active. Exercises that require you to focus, whether it is learning a new language or playing brain games, help your brain slow down the effects of aging. According to recent research, it is not only possible to reduce the loss of mental acuity, but it is also possible to sharpen the mind.

20% of men and women over the age of 55 suffer from declining mental health.(1) Many of these mental health issues such as dementia or Alzheimer’s have no cure. Even when we’re decades away from retiring, most of us have had an episode where we’ve lost our glasses while wearing them, or started looking for our phone while talking on it. No big deal, for now.

Use It or Lose It

In a 2016 study tracking healthy men and women from age 72 to age 82, scientists found that those who took part in a brain training exercise called, “Speed of Processing Training,” were 30% less likely to develop dementia by the time they were 82.(3)

In another study in 2018,(2) scientists looked at memory loss, and medication-free ways to cure it. Their study yielded profound results. The patients who took part in their cognitive training program showed great improvement in memory loss, and even began using the techniques they learned in their daily lives.

Another study looked at meditation — a practice that requires extreme focus — and found that those who meditate regularly can completely reshape their brain. Long term meditators have bigger brains, “increased gray matter,” and a larger frontal cortex.(4)

Taking all of these studies into account, the data is clear, you need to use your brain if you want to maintain your mental abilities.

Future of Cognitive Training

Brain training can help your cognition in many ways(5). People who engage their minds have brains that are more efficient, requiring less glucose to perform the same tasks. And they tend to stay sharper for longer. The studies that saw the improvements in cognition also noted that those who kept up on the training performed better.(3)

Playing mentally stimulating games, like QuikLee, is a ticket to a better quality of life. From emotional regulation, to more efficient brains, to decreased risk from age related mental decline.

So, looking for a free way to support your mind?

Brain games could well be the way to go!