Your amazing brain, use it!

The brain has always been somewhat of a mystery to modern science, and it’s only with the latest developments in fMRI and other brain-scanning technologies that scientists have been able to probe the mysterious depths and provide us a glimmer of its inner workings. However, what we know is just a drop in the ocean.

Quick Overview

The brain is divided into the left and right hemispheres, and each hemisphere is further divided into four lobes.

  • The frontal lobes control our thinking, organizing, planning, and short-term memory.
  • The parietal lobes situated around the middle of the brain interpret sensory information such as temperature and touch.
  • Occipital lobes to the rear of the brain are responsible for processing the information from your eyes.
  • And the temporal lobes towards the bottom of the brain handle the olfactory senses such as smell and taste, plus it also processes the information passed to it by your sense of sound.

Communication throughout the brain is conducted via microscopic neurons, which use a combination of chemical and electrical processes to relay information.

Use It

When you practice specific tasks such as mathematics puzzles, or a musical instrument, the brain forms new neural connections in response. Each time you whip out the violin for a half-hour session or do a few sums quickly, the brain centers responsible for processing the activity you want to strengthen the increase in mass and density.

~ Play Quiklee to strengthen the foundation of your brain ~

Science has revealed this fact in studies conducted on professional pianists. In a normal subject, the brain’s central sulcus will usually be deeper on either the left or right side. A piano player’s central sulcus, when measured by scientists, was found to be much more symmetrical. It’s thought that the pianist’s requirement to overcome right or left-handedness is responsible for this phenomenon. [1]

The takeaway from this information is that if you want to get better at something, then you should practice every day because science shows us that if we don’t use it, we do lose it.