Mentally Fit

Although we are constantly made aware of the importance of physical fitness, most people often ignore their mental fitness. Yes – there is such a thing called mental fitness. Just like we can attain physical fitness through physical activities, mental fitness through brain exercises can strengthen the mind and keep it healthier, for longer.

Benefits of an active mind


If you keep your mind active, you could delay cognitive decline and the development of conditions such as dementia. If not – as you grow old – you tend to lose your mental performance.

Improved memory

One of the most notable characteristics associated with an active and healthy mind is improved memory. Brain exercises done on a regular basis can prevent memory loss even when you grow older.1

Improved overall health

When you maintain a sharp mind, you tend to eat healthier and pay more attention to your overall well-being. You realize the importance of physical exercise and a balanced diet more rationally if your mental health is in optimal condition.

A practical way to keep your mind active

Brain exercises are one of the most practical ways to keep your mind active. Through properly designed ‘brain games’, you can stimulate your mind and help it stay engaged in some ‘psychological action’. However, the brain games or brain exercises you do must be interesting.2

And that is the goal of our amazing game, QuikLee!

Key ingredients to an engaging brain game:

  • Fun and exciting to play
  • Gain knowledge in small bits and pieces
  • Highly versatile in terms of challenges
  • Multiple levels to be achieved

Quiklee was developed to motivate players to sharpen their brain and learn new knowledge. It consists of a variety of challenges that build your cognitive skills, and question you on foundational knowledge. These two pillars, cognitive skills and foundational knowledge, are instrumental for everyone.

Regardless of your age, gender or lifestyle, there are an enormous amount of opportunities to keep your mind sharp and healthy.

Keep that in mind, and get active!


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